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Why use mT?

A: Actually, Thunderbird has already a menu to insert images but mT gives you the possibility to do it faster in a more flexible and efficient way. You won't have to browse through several folders to find the right image.

Does mT contain smileys?

A: yes, mailTagger contains smileys. That's cool, but note that no new smileys will be added in the future because the purpose is only to demonstrate how usefull mT can be. Also, these smileys come from various sources and may be subject to copyright.

Where can i find more smileys or animated images?

A: Anywhere on the web. You can collect them and make your own categories to use with mailTagger.

Why mT is larger in size than most extensions?

A: mT contains a lot of smileys. The installation file (.xpi) is around 350 Ko in size which is about 1 minute download time with a 56Kbps modem.

Can i change the language of mT?

A: You can change the locale of mailTagger regardless of Thunderbird locale. This means that you can have Thunderbird en-US installed and still have mT displaying in a different language. Of course, mT will be first installed with the same locale as Thunderbird.

What can i do if mT is not working anymore since last update?

A: When this is caused by the prefrences being updated incorrectly, you can fix the problem by deleting all existing eG preferences. Proceed as follow:

  1. close ALL Thunderbird windows
  2. go to your Thunderbird profile folder. In winXP, path should be 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\'
  3. open file named 'prefs.js'
  4. delete all entries corresponding to mailTagger then save and restart Thunderbird.