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Version History

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(+) New feature    (*) Changed feature    (-) Bug fixed

What's new in last version?

Version 1.7.1 - last version
+ Made mT deleting preferences when uninstalled

* Made mT compatible with TB 3.0 (only)
* Removed changing locale manually in Options Dialog

- Fixed tips window copy to clipboard icon not on the same line as link

Versions history

Version 1.7
+ Added opening Image Collection Browser in sidebar
+ Added 'Add to Favorites', 'Add to Signatures' and 'Attach' commands
+ Added 'Recent images' menu
+ Added support for ftp remote images

* Changed 'Insert Image' and 'Image Collection' toolbar icons
* Added info in Tips Window
* Changed behavior when clicking on an image in the Image Collection Browser

- Fixed Favorites and Signatures locales images not sent when "Join Remote Images" option is not checked
- Fixed error when clicking on mailTagger context menu item

Version 1.6
+ Added ability to insert favorite and signature images as remote images and added a new option for that
+ Added paypal donate button in Options Dialog

* Changed compatibilty to Thunderbird 2.0
* Change options.xul window type to prefwindow

- Fixed "Display Thunderbird smileys" preference not saved
- Fixed apply/cancel icons not displayed in categories window
- Fixed preferences resetting after update

Version 1.5
+ Added image count for category in status bar
+ Added double click feature on image to edit file name, move file to new category and delete file
+ Added minimize icon to image browser window
+ Added folder navigation bar
+ Added options for changing alternate text
+ Added option to add mailTagger in contextual menu

* Improved display speed
* Changed preview window
* Signature image is now inserted with label before it

- Fixed mT was crashing when displaying very large number of images in same category
- Fixed default Thunderbird smileys not showing when new themes used

Version 1.4
+ Added localized slovak (sk-SK), hungarian (hu-HU) and brazilian portuguese (pt-BR)
+ Added option to keep image browser window open
+ Added an "Apply" button in Options Dialog

* Made cosmetic changes in Options Dialog
* Made changes in About Dialog box
* Enabled selection of text in tips window
* Navigation icons are now grayed when appropriate

- Fixed can't check/uncheck the "search subfolders" checkbox
- Fixed ‹Enter› keypress on textbox closes the option dialog
- Fixed inserting images not defining alternative text
- Fixed image browser resizer not always visible
- Fixed jpg images can't be displayed
- Fixed default thunderbird smileys are not localizable

Version 1.3 - (for Thunderbird 1.5 only)
* Changed to new extension packaging
* Options Dialog now looks like the new one in Thunderbird (using Preferences Panes)
* Cursor is now changed to wait while browser is loading images
* Zoom settings and Category are now kept between usage
* Changed layout in Options Dialog
* Changed Image Browser width and height to be persistant

- Fixed Image Browser not displaying images and related bugs

Version 1.2.1
* Changed official email to

- Fixed it-IT translation

Version 1.2
+ Added Japanese (ja-JP), German (de-DE) and Dutch (nl-NL) locales
+ Localized extension's description in Extension Manager
+ Added new Options Dialog
+ Added support for .ico image files
+ Hid smileys button on format toolbar and added dropmarker on mailTagger insert button for instant access to new sets of icons

* Changed 'About' page
* Reorganized locales files
* Improved code for faster display

- Fixed XML Parsing Error with About window in Extention Manager
- Fixed Category labels don't show translated

Version 1.1
+ Added spanish (es-ES) and italian (it-IT) locales.

- Fixed folders with accented characters in their path not recognized
- Fixed image can't be copied and pasted if the image is inserted without using the preview first
- Fixed mT can't load with locales other than en-US

Version 1.0 - first release
+ All is new!